Jana Kramer is Pregnant with Her Second Child

JANA KRAMER and her husband Mike Caussin are expecting their second child.  She’s due in November.  In an interview with People, she revealed how she tragically lost two other pregnancies since last fall.

Quote, “We lost in October and then we did an IVF cycle and we lost in February.”  She’s happy, but cautious because this one’s been tough.  She’s coming out of the “worst” morning sickness she’s ever had.

Quote, “I was in bed for six weeks straight.  I felt like I was doing such a bad job as a mom because Jolie’s super active right now.”  (Jolie is two.)

Jana and Mike seem to be doing well.  You may recall they separated in 2016 and he went to rehab for a sex addiction.  She says they’ve spent the last two years working on their marriage and needed to get to “a healthy place” before trying again.

Quote, “We both know that children do not save a marriage [but] this time around he’s just truly been the greatest support system I could’ve ever asked for.  It feels so much more unified and I love that.”