Luke Bryan’s First Celebrity Crush Was Madonna, and He Collected “Bassmaster” Magazines When He Was Young

Billboard talked LUKE BRYAN into playing a game of “Fishing for Answers.”  He pulled questions out of a fishbowl and then, well, you get it.

He revealed that his first celebrity crush was Madonna.  He said as a kid he collected “Bassmaster” magazines.  And his first concert was Jerry Lee Lewis and T.G. Sheppard.

When he pulled out the “What makes you country” question, he proudly said, quote, “Where I was born, my upbringing, my values, my mom and dad, my accent . . . and that’s only point-one-percent.”

But hands down the best question was how many times does he sing ‘shake it for me’ in his smash hit, “Country Girl Shake It For Me”.

He had no idea, so he guessed.  He started with 15, but that was wrong.  He went up to 20 and got another no.  Then he upped it to 30 . . . and somebody finally shouted out 42.