Dierks Bentley Is Freaked Out by Ticketmaster’s Facial Recognition Idea

I love hearing country stars talk about doing the same mundane things we do.  DIERKS BENTLEY did a radio interview WHILE in Home Depot looking for blackout blinds.

He needs them so he can stop the sun from pouring through his window first thing in the morning. “I have three dogs that sleep in the room with us [and] as soon as they see the light, they go crazy.

“At 5:00 A.M. my dogs are wide-awake, and I’m like, I need to blackout this entire room like my bus bunk.  Get it very dark.”

He did talk about other stuff.  They asked for his take on Ticketmaster’s plan to go with facial recognition.  He hadn’t heard of it, but he doesn’t like the concept.

“Kind of freaks me out.  I want fans to have access to tickets [and] I don’t want them to pay more than they should.  I wouldn’t want to do that.  I go to a lot of concerts.  It’s like, ‘give me my ticket [and] let me go have a good time.'”