Thompson Square Poured the Past Five Years Into their New Album

THOMPSON SQUARE’s new “Masterpiece” album is out tomorrow.  It’s been some five years since their last album and KEIFER THOMPSON says their fans were starting to worry.

“We always hear, ‘Where’ve you guys been?  We thought you quit.’  Or, ‘What’s been going on?’  Some of the time was trying to process every second of [our son] Cooper’s two years of life.  That was more important than everything else.”

They also left their record label and became an independent duo, which was liberating.

SHAWNA THOMPSON says, “From picking the songs to picking the producers and being able to produce tracks ourselves, there were so many things that we haven’t been able to do in the past.”

Keifer says the best part of getting to call their own shots is they have an album that is all them, from top to bottom. “Everything about this record is us.  Every inch, every fiber of it is us.  It’s just life, it’s been our life for the last five years.”