Florida Georgia Line Would Like to Add to their List of Collaborations

FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE is all-in on the collaboration thing.  They’ve done songs with the ChainsmokersNellyHailee Steinfeld, the Backstreet Boys, plus their current hit with Bebe Rexha“Meant to Be”.

But according to TYLER HUBBARD, this is only the beginning.  “I think it’d be cool, if we’re continuing to get out of the country world and do something out of our box.  We’ve got a lot of respect for Bruno Mars.  I think he’s amazing.

Justin Timberlake’s amazing.  I think we could do something cool together.  You know who else is random that I think would be fun to work with is Cardi B.  I don’t know, that’s so random, but I think that’d be cool.”

Are you “over” all the country collaborations with artists from different genres?  Or, do you say “the more the merrier?”