Thomas Rhett Has His Sights Set on Acting or Maybe a Talent Show

In an interview with The SunTHOMAS RHETT said that he’s very interested in diving a little deeper into the acting thing.

“I’ve made a couple of cameos on TV shows, but one of these days I think it would be cool to give it a shot in something super small for sure, just to see what that life is like.

“I’ve gotten to be good friends with NICK JONAS and talking about him starring in a couple of TV shows and [his] major role in ‘Jumanji’.  Man, it’s a grind but it’s one of the ‘funnest’ things in the world.  I think it would be a blast to co-act in a TV show ”

And if a judge’s chair opens up on a singing competition, he’d like a shot at that too. “[I’d] even do a talent show like LUKE [BRYAN] or BLAKE [SHELTON] are doing, but we’ll see what the future holds.”