Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey Can’t Stop Buying Leather Jackets

MATTHEW RAMSEY of OLD DOMINION was asked to describe his signature style, so he did.  He said, quote, “I have a leather jacket problem.  I feel like every time I turn around, I’m buying a leather jacket.”

These aren’t bargain bin jackets, by the way.  He finds himself drawn to the Tom Ford store in Vegas whenever the band’s in town.  He’s not a gambler or a partier . . . so I guess that’s not such a bad vice, right?

“I learned the shopping side of Vegas, and that’s when I ended up buying a Tom Ford jacket as a gift to myself.

“I pat myself on the back for getting an ACM Award  So now it’s tradition that every time I go to Vegas, I end up shopping and buying.”


What’s your shopping weakness?  What would you keep buying and buying . . . if money wasn’t an issue?