Brantley Gilbert Stays On “Baby Watch” Until 4:00 A.M.

Country stars tend to be night owls because that’s when they have to perform.  That’s okay if you’re on your own, but it’s not the perfect schedule if you’re raising kids.  But it CAN work if the kid doesn’t sleep through the night yet.

That’s what’s going on in BRANTLEY GILBERT’s life.  He and his wife Amber have a pretty good division of labor for taking care of their five-month-old son Barrett.

He tells, “In the morning I’m not present.  I’m asleep, but I got the late night shift.  So I put him down, and then I’ve got the monitor until about 3:00 or 4:00 AM.

“I go up and work . . . and then I come down and put the monitor on her side of the bed and get me some sleep.”

Even though Amber has read a lot of baby books, they still pepper the doctor with questions.  Quote, “Every time you go in, ‘Are we doing this right?  Are we doing this wrong?’  The whole thing’s a curve ball.  A moving target.  You’re always learning.”