Today is National Honesty Day!

Apparently it’s been a holiday since the early ’90s.  You’re supposed to go all day without telling a single lie.   And according to a new survey, a lot of us should have NO problem doing it . . . because over a quarter of people claim they NEVER lie.   Another quarter of us said we lie once a year or maybe every couple of months. So that’s a total of 59% who claim they never lie, or hardly ever do.  Which is funny, because most of those people probably lied in the SURVEY.   6% said about once a day . . . and the remaining 6% admitted they tell multiple lies a day.  (Is it possible that last group might be the most honest?) 53% of people in the survey said white lies that don’t hurt anyone are okay.  47% said lying for ANY reason is wrong. And the three most common lies we tell are: white lies . . . then lies by omission, where you’re not upfront about something . . . and lies we tell OURSELVES to make us feel better about something.