Is Miranda Lambert Afraid She’s Being Labeled a Homewrecker? says MIRANDA LAMBERT is worried that people are labeling her a “homewrecker” for dating Turnpike Troubadours singer Evan Felker . . . because he’s still married.  She feels it’s not fair.

A source said,, “The way Miranda tells it, things were already over when they started hooking up, and, you can’t help who you fall in love with.”

Miranda thinks some of the bad press is being stirred-up by Evan’s ex, who’s taken her case to social media.  “She thinks it’s unfortunate that Staci’s making a public show out of this and implying she’s a homewrecker.”

The ex posted a selfie last week that she captioned, “PSA:  If Staci Felker can make it through this week, so can you.”

And a friend of Staci’s posted a clip of them at a bar singing along to “Before He Cheats”.  The friend does the lyric, “Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats.”  Staci adds, “I hope he does.”  It’s captioned, “Cheaters never prosper.”