Check Out Brantley Gilbert’s Deer Farm

BRANTLEY GILBERT is the proud owner of a deer farm in Alabama, and you can go hunting there.  It’s called Countrywide Whitetails and it features 433 acres that are “high-fenced.”

They sell packages that include lodging, three meals a day, transportation to and from the stand, professional guides on your hunt . . . plus game cleaning and taxidermy prep.  There’s even a fully stocked fishing pond.

And Brantley keeps it real.  He made it accessible so wounded veterans can go hunting.  He even built a wheelchair friendly lodge and he’s very proud of that.

He says, “We got to bring our first vet out.  He’s a double amputee with an amazing story [and] he killed a hundred sixty-something inch buck.  Killed a massive buck.

“I let his son shoot one too.  It was a great time.  And we’re looking forward to doing more of that.”