Tim McGraw Is Going to Cut Back on Those Insane Workouts

Turns out TIM MCGRAW’s grueling workouts are one of the reasons he collapsed on stage in Ireland.  That’s what he told TMZ yesterday when he arrived at JFK in New York City.

They asked if he figured out what happened, and he said it was because of “flying and dehydration.”  That pretty much backs up what FAITH HILL said to the crowd in Ireland.

But then Tim added one more thing.  He said, “I’ll have to cut short my workouts.”

That’s a huge deal knowing how much he loves sweating it out in the gym.  But I bet those are “doctor’s orders.”

Even if you’re fit, intense workouts can deplete your stores of glycogen.  And if you follow that up with a strenuous on-stage performance, bad things can happen . . . like passing out in front of thousands of people who paid good money to see you.