How Bad Was Rascal Flatts’ Pre-Daytona 500 Performance?

RASCAL FLATTS did a concert before the Daytona 500 on Sunday, and although the fans at the race seemed to like it, the people watching it on TV had a different take.  And of course, many of them went online to share their thoughts.

One person said “they sound completely awful and [are an] embarrassment.”  Another asked, “Rascal Flatts aren’t this bad, are they?”  One guy went with an old cliché, quote, “Tune in just in time to catch Rascal Flatts sounding like a dying cat.”

And then there were those who said it sounded “amazing.”

In the band’s defense, the version of them doing “Yours If You Want It” that made it to YouTube sounds horrible.  But I don’t think it’s entirely their fault.  The feed is terrible, and the sound is uneven.  Whoever was put in charge of mixing it did a poor job.