Vince Gill and Maren Morris Aren’t Bothered by the Lack of Female Winners at the Grammys

VINCE GILL and MAREN MORRIS were two of the performers at last week’s All for the Hall concert.  Proceeds benefitted the Country Music Hall of Fame.

And during an interview, Vince was asked for his take onthe shortage of female winners at this year’s Grammys.  It’s a tricky question because one slip of the tongue and you’re in serious trouble.  Just ask Recording Academy president Neil Portnow.

Vince made the case that somebody feels snubbed every single year. “I look at it kind of trying to see the whole field.  And I think the Grammys will go on and the country artists will feel slighted.  Or maybe the classical people will feel slighted.

“It’s impossible to pull something off like that and not leave a few people by the wayside.”

Maren had similar feelings. “I think the person that’s won the most Grammys is Alison Krauss so I don’t know.  There are obviously some things that need to be looked at, and maybe it’s just voting members.  Maybe we need to expand on that.”

She got it almost right.  According to Billboard, Hungarian conductor Sir Georg Solti holds the record with 31 Grammy wins.  Alison and Quincy Jones are tied for second with 27 each.