Chris Janson’s Advice to Women . . . Real Men Make the First Move

CHRIS JANSON is a happily married man, so during an interview he was asked how a single lady can find a solid guy like him.

He started out with advice we’ve heard before. “The minute you quit looking, is the minute you’ll find what you’re looking for.  You’ll search for many years, and you’ll wear yourself out.  The minute you quit looking, you’ll find the right one.”

And after you find that special guy you’re interested in . . . step back and wait. “He should approach you if he’s a real man.  [He’ll] do all the work.  All you gotta do is just be classy.”

And then after the first date . . . who calls who? “You girls from the new school, you got it all wrong.  A man who is a real man . . . not a boy, not a child, not a man-child . . . will pursue you.  Period.”