Brantley Gilbert Keeps His Sound Consistent By Listening to His Old Music

I’ve never heard an artist say they want their sound to be predictable.  That’s one small step away from boring.  But there’s also a danger in trying too hard to change things up.

BRANTLEY GILBERTsays that’s a sure way to let your fans down because they expect a certain sound from you.

“I remember listening to bands and they have this sound, and you go get their next record and it’s not the same band.  It’s like, ‘man, that’s not what I got in this for.  You know?  I was looking for some of the same stuff that I love out of ya.'”

His process is to let the new influences in . . . and even go in new directions.  But he stays on course by going back and listening to his own stuff.

“I always listen to my old records, all the way through.  And you know, if it takes a couple of months [I’ll] do it again.  [That] foundation works, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”