Brad Paisley Says All Country Artists Are “Playing a Bit of Dress-Up”

I think we all know that famous people have stylists.  And yes, that includes country singers. They don’t just happen to show up looking perfect . . . even if “looking perfect” means torn jeans, floppy hats, and boots.

BRAD PAISLEY joked about it during an appearance at the Country Radio Seminar, which is a room full of radio geeks like me.  He said, “There are very few George Straits that really do rope and ride most of the day.

“When you become an artist, you get a stylist, and you’re wearing things you would never wear to Whole Foods.  So we’re all playing a bit of dress up.”

He also treated the audience to a stripped-down version of “He Didn’t Have to Be”.  But first he gave a little history, “This [song] is the only reason I’m still here.  If I hadn’t had this, you never would have let me through the door.

“I learned then [that] it’s about the song.  It’s not about us or what we wear or what we look like or anything like that.  It’s about the song we’re singing.  And thank you for my first Number One.  Some of you.”  (Here’s the video.)