My Superbowl 52 Prediction

Happy Wrestlemania of Football day everyone! Tonight it is the New England Patriots Vs. The Philadelphia Eagles in Superbowl 52. Or as I like to call it the Wrestlemania of Football! As a Steelers fan I can not root for the New England Patriots at all. As a fan of the Sport of Professional Wrestling. I sometimes do think the NFL shows bias toward Tom Brady and the Patriots. So for the Eagles to get this done they will need to play the best football of there lifes! With that said I am hoping the Eagles win tonight! I said to my buddy Paul who grew up here in Altoona but now lives in Bensalem. Which is right outside Philly. I said “The Steelers have six we can give the Eagles one” His response was “Alright!” So in 2012 he gave me a Brian Westbrook Eagles Jersey. I plan on wearing it tonight as I watch the Wrestlemania of Football. The cool thing is when he gave it to me. I was way to big to fit into it. Now I can wear it and it looks pretty darn good on me. Even if it is a Eagles Jersey!


My final Prediction is

Eagles 24  Patriots 17

I hope it is a Eagles win!

Enjoy the game! Fly Eagles Fly!  Lets Go Pens!


**Please note I will never route for the Flyers if they make it to the Stanley Cup Final!**