Reba McEntire Says Dating Is More Terrifying Than Playing the Colonel

In an interview with “Taste of Country“, REBA MCENTIRE admitted that it was kind of terrifying to start dating again after being married for 26 years.  She had been on her own for two years when she met Skeeter Lasuzzo.

This was last summer when she was visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming with Kix Brooks and his wife.  They wanted to do some sightseeing so they got a friend of a friend to show them around.  It was Skeeter.

He showed them some of the wildlife, and by that I really do mean wildlife.  They saw bear, moose, and elk.  But he didn’t close the deal.  Yet.

She says, “I made another trip to Jackson Hole, because I love it up there, and he asked me out for a date . . . just the two of us.  And we’ve been dating ever since.”

As for the frightening part.  They asked her an “either or” question that went like this:  Which is more terrifying, the start of a new relationship or wearing a wig and mustache and playing Colonel Sanders?

She said, “I’d say start a new relationship, because you never know.  But Skeeter and I get along really well.”