My Favorite Christmas Gift/Memory #1

The Big day is on Monday. My final gift/memory is actually more of a memory. But is also a miracle. In May of 2007. My Father suffered a major heart attack. He was given no chance of surviving the Heart Attack. I always thought that it could never happen to my Dad. Early in the year My Grandfather suffered a heart attack. Which caught us all by surprise as well. My Pap was always such a active person. He was always bowling. Playing basketball. He was more active than me and I was 25 years old at this time. So here we are with my Dad in ICU and it is not looking good. But by the Grace of God. And many many prayers. He made it through the ordeal and we are about to Celebrate another Christmas with our walking miracle. So this to me is the best gift I could ever ask for! I thank the Lord everyday that I still have my father in my life.


So with 2007 being such a rough year. Christmas 2007 was a emotional one. But it was a special one indeed. I remember being very emotional and just hugging my Dad and crying on Christmas Eve. But this is a moment I cherish. Having my Dad on Christmas is the best gift a Man could ever ask for. I know our time on earth isn’t a guarantee. We need to live life and slow down and enjoy it. Which can be hard with the 24/7 world we live in. So this Christmas before you eat. Open presents and what ever your tradition is. Give your loved ones a big hug and tell them you Love them. Cause you never know when that could be your last….


From all of us at Forever Media, Hot 100 and everyone here behind the scenes. Merry Christmas!!!  I will talk too you this Tuesday at 2pm!!