My Favorite Christmas Gift/Memory #3 & 2

Well nothing like getting Bronchitis the week of Christmas. I went home early on Tuesday and spent Tuesday night in the Emergency Room…Oh what fun. Thankfully it is just Bronchitis. But we all know Ain’t nobody got time for that!  So today I will give you #3 and #2. That will get us back on track for Tomorrow and #1.

#3 Comes to us the Christmas of 1991. In September of that year I had my tonsils out. I missed a good bit of school and well my grades just plain sucked! Do I put blame on the tonsils..Well yeah I missed like 2 weeks of school. Times were different then they are now. You probably can have them removed in a doctors office now. I remember going into Christmas that year thinking. Well My grades are bad. But I have been a good boy. That counts for something right? So Christmas Eve we have the annual Christmas Eve Party. This year it was at my Uncle George’s house. Who only lives right up the road. Santa Claus came that year and he had a really big nose for some reason 🙂  So that night us kids could not sleep at all. We were excited of course. I should fill you in on something too. I used to get so excited on Christmas eve I would literally puke. I would! We could be in Church at Candlelight Service on Christmas eve. I would take off to the bathroom and puke. I wasn’t sick I was just so excited! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I don’t puke anymore. I am excited but now that I am older. I can control the puking part haha! I think the last time I puked on Christmas eve over excitement was in 1996. So it will be 20 years puke free on Christmas eve! I should get a T-Shirt made and wear it Christmas Eve! Now back to 1991.


We woke our parents up pretty early. I remember watching the sun rise as we finished opening presents. I remember not expecting too much. But I opened one box and it was a Twin Deck!!!  That’s a right a Dual Deck tape recorder. I was so excited to to get this! I remember screaming “I GOT A TWIN DECK! I GOT A TWIN DECK!” Then my Mom screams “YEAH AND IF YOUR GRADES GO DOWN I WILL TAKE IT!”  Buzzkill right there…My Mom has a way to really ruin a mood haha! But yes I finally got a Twin Deck! I was so excited and I started to make mix tapes and record music off the radio!


Now lets get onto number 2

This would be a memory instead of a gift. This comes from Christmas 1996. It was the first Christmas that my Aunt Dar and Uncle Dave had moved back from Virginia Beach. i just remember it being a very special Christmas having pretty much the whole family together. It was one of the few times we would all be together. But still was a great memory.  Tomorrow is #1