My Favorite Christmas Gift/Memory #4

Lets go back to the year 1989. It was Christmas Eve and I was at my Families annual Christmas Eve Party. Over the years the Party jumped from My Uncle’s house. To my Mam Mam’s house and my Parents house. This was are first Christmas in our new house in Lakemont. So naturally the shin dig had to go down here…(Spoiler alert! I use my real name in this post!!)

Christmas Eve is quite the production in our house. My Mom loves Christmas. We had so much Christmas stuff it looked like Christmas threw up…Literally there was that much Christmas stuff. Now that she is older she still has a good bit. But she don’t even put half of it up. Everyone in my family used to always say it was too much. I always was like oh well. It makes my Mom happy and I am sure if it was 1989 our house would be decked out….bigly! Our Christmas Eve parties are simple tons of food. Family and friends. As a little boy I had a pretty healthy appetite. I still would if I wouldn’t of had a life changing procedure done. Even to this day. Santa Claus comes to our Christmas Eve parties. I was so excited. I remember my Dad was video taping the whole evening. Of course that is my Pops. Always with Camcorder in hand. Any who. I am on the video in such a cute 7 year olds voice saying…”I just can’t wait till Santy Claus gets here”. Santa shows up and of course I am excited. My sisters are excited and my cousins. Well the younger ones. Not my older cousins haha! I get called to go up and sit on Santa’s lap. Which of course I did. This guy was bringing me presents. Anyhow he asks me what i want. I reply with the usual toys that a boy would ask for. But I also ask for a Record Player…Which my Great Grandfather is heard on Video letting out a huge “BLAHHHH!”  Pappy Jones is my Mom’s Grandfather. My great Grandfather. He was a big barrel chested guy. In fact my Mam Mam (Pappy Jones is her father) says I am built just like him. I think of this memory every Christmas and I smile. I miss my Pappy Jones. He was a good man. Sadly he passed away on December 6, 1995. But there isn’t a Christmas gone by that I don’t think about him and miss him.


But that is not all from this Christmas eve. After Santa Claus left we began to eat. We always and to this day have a ton of food at our Christmas Eve parties. Mam Mam makes the best Pasta salad this side of the Mississippi! Dare say the whole United States. I love my Mam Mam’s pasta salad. Well of course I ate way too much. Later on the video my Uncle Dave and Aunt Dar are sitting on the steps. My Mom is now behind the Camera. Uncle Dave says “Davey ate too much. He can’t walk….Cancel Christmas” in which my Mom looks at me and says “David! Did you eat too much!?!” Now that is just too funny not too share.


As we continue on to the Big Day Christmas Day. Sit down and remember all the wonderful Christmas Moments and the ones to come. Tomorrow is day #3. Today had no gift. But remember presents are not all that Christmas is about! But of course I love Presents too!