My Favorite Christmas Gift/Memory #5

With Christmas being a week away. All this week I am going to talk about my top 5 Christmas gifts. This will also include many great Christmas Memories. We all have lots of great memories around this time of year. This one gift comes from 1990. Myself and my 3 Sisters all wanted a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) really bad! I mean really bad! This was when the NES was all the rage! We went to sleep that night wondering if Santa Claus would deliver. We wrote our letters. We were good. I wouldn’t say we were angels. But the word good does work here.

We woke our parents up that morning at 5:30am. We opened presents and we always go the big gifts at the end. My parents bring up this box that looks like a Box a NES would come in. We opened it and bummer. It was a race car track. Now don’t get me wrong this Race car track was neat. You put the cars together as a kit. Very neat but it was not a NES! So as a 8 year old boy. You are thinking I guess I am not getting a NES. Well then a few more boxes come up. Still no NES…Then finally the last present. The moment you have waited for. We ripped the wrapping paper off that box like a bunch of crazed dogs….And there it was the NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM!!!!!  We were so happy! I still have all the games for the NES we got that day. Sadly that NES made it a few years and we had to get the New Model NES later on. But still that was a great Christmas Morning! To this day one of my favorite Christmas Gifts! But I guess not good enough for #1? Come back all this week. Tomorrow it is gift #4