What’s Sturgill Simpson Got Against Luke Bryan?

The New York Times” hung out with LUKE BRYAN on this year’s Farm Tour, and they talked about a lot of stuff, but this one stands out.

They brought up STURGILL SIMPSON winning a Grammy this year for Best Country Album.  Luke’s never been nominated, so they asked if it bothers him that critics give more love to artists like Sturgill, who don’t sell as many records as him.

Luke took the high road.  He said, quote, “I’ve wanted to go have coffee with Sturgill.  I am utterly amazed at what he does.”

That’s a solid compliment, right?  But they didn’t leave it that.

They contacted Sturgill, told him what Luke said, and asked him to comment.   He replied in an email by writing, quote, “I don’t know Luke, I don’t think about Luke, and I’ve honestly never heard a single note of his music.”

Anyway, here’s something from article that’s way more fun.  During the tour they got to witness Luke’s very strict preshow ritual.

Here’s how it goes:  He spends an hour riding a “propped-up bicycle.”  Then he mixes up a cocktail called a “salty dog,” which is grapefruit juice, vodka, and a hefty pinch of salt.

Then his stylist shows him different outfits that she selected for him to wear on stage.  They’re almost always a solid-color V-neck, a baseball cap, and jeans.   And then she “rubs his arms with moisturizer until they glisten.”

Finally, he puts on his cowboy boots and “secures them tightly to his ankles with tape.”  He needs the extra protection for when, in his words, he’s, quote, “in the heat of the battle up there.”