Five Tips on How to Handle the Holidays at Work

The year is wrapping up but we’ve still got a few more weeks at work.  Here are five tips to help everyone survive . . .

1.  Don’t be pushy with your kids’ candy or wrapping paper sales.  Your coworkers don’t need another expense coming their way this month.  If you want to promote your kid’s fundraiser, ask if you can put up a sign in the break room . . . but DON’T approach your coworkers individually.

2.  Don’t put pressure on anyone to come to your holiday service, party, or concert.  Everybody’s overbooked in December.  It’s fine to invite your coworkers to your event . . . but if they’re hesitant or don’t get back to you, just drop it and assume they’re booked.

3.  Respect the fact that not everybody gets into the holiday spirit.  Some people have a tough time around the holidays.  It’s great if YOU want to be merry and festive at work . . . but don’t call out your coworkers for not doing the same.

4.  Thank the people around you.  The smallest words of gratitude can brighten someone’s day . . . so make it a point to thank your coworkers, clients, and customers.

5.  Be good to yourself.  The next three weeks WILL get chaotic . . . and when they do, take some time to remember all the good things you accomplished, learned, and experienced in 2017.