A Guy Who Stole a Ferrari Got Busted When He Asked People For Gas Money

If you want to get away with stealing a hot car, you’ve gotta ACT like someone who’d drive a hot car.

A 38-year-old guy named Israel Rangel wandered into a Ferrari and Maserati dealership in Costa Mesa, California last month, and he saw a Ferrari 458 Spider in their garage for service . . . with the keys on the seat.

So . . . he stole it.

Then, about two weeks later, Israel pulled into a Shell station . . . and started asking people there if he could get a little money for gas.  And that was VERY suspicious, considering the Ferrari 458 Spiders start at about $230,000 . . . and this particular one was worth closer to $300,000.

So someone called the cops, and they found Israel hiding in some bushes behind a Holiday Inn nearby and arrested him.  He was charged with felony vehicle theft and several other charges as well.

The Ferrari belonged to a woman named Susan Friedman, and Israel had trashed it so badly that her insurance company declared it a total loss.  But don’t cry for her . . . she used the settlement to buy herself a new 2018 Lamborghini Huracan.