Trace Adkins Says He and Blake Shelton Would Choose a Hunting Lodge Over a Four-Star Hotel

It was kind of a surprise when Blake Shelton announced that TRACE ADKINS would be one of the openers on his “Country Music Freaks” tour.  Trace is a huge star and he doesn’t need to open for anyone.

At the same time, I think we all suspected it was more about friendship than who gets top billing.  That’s exactly what Trace told “Rare Country“.

“Blake just called one day and asked what I was doing early next year, and I said that I didn’t have a plan.  He asked if I could come out for a few shows, and I said, ‘Well, okay’ and that’s the extent of our business conversations.

“We’re just cut from the same cloth.  We both are from small towns and rural areas and would love to be in a hunting lodge rather than a four-star hotel.  We just have always hit it off.  It’s always been that way.”