Tyler Hubbard Is Recovering from Back Surgery

TYLER HUBBARD treated himself to back surgery over the holiday.  His wife Hayley posted a photo of him smiling while recovering in his hospital bed.

She wrote, “So super grateful that he’s safely out of back surgery.  Thankful for all of our friends and family that have been sending love and prayers . . . we’re feeling beyond blessed.”

There’s also a video on his Instagram page where he’s groggy and sitting up while being told by his medical team that the surgery went well . . . although the meds make him look like he’s a little drunk.

That was captioned:  “So thankful to have my back fixed.  I’ve been dealing with this for years and tried everything to avoid surgery but I’m glad it’s over.  Now I start the hardest part, laying around the house and trying to be still until recovery’s over.”

It was almost three years ago when Tyler hurt his back in a dirt bike accident, so that could be the root of the problem.  We also checked Florida Georgia Line’s tour page, and their next show isn’t until February 3rd, so they had this planned out.