Darius Rucker Has Received Over 5,000 Rejection Letters in His Career

It’s interesting to hear super talented people talk about how tough it was for them to get noticed when they were first starting out.  DARIUS RUCKER says he heard the word “no” thousands of times.  I’m not exaggerating.

He tells CMT.com, “I look back on all of it . . . my whole career and Hootie & the Blowfish . . . we have over 5,000 rejection letters from when we were trying to get a record deal.  For me the word, ‘No,’ just means go ask somebody else.”

Even more amazing is that he started hearing “no” again when he made the rounds in Nashville.  This was after everyone in the world knew him as “Hootie.”

But he refused to give up.  “[I] understand the ‘No’s’ because you can’t take everybody.  For everybody that succeeds there are 100,000 people that don’t.  But knowing our business, you need to ask somebody else.”