Garth Brooks is Getting Grief from Miranda Lambert’s Boyfriend for Lip-Synching at the CMAs

Sounds like ANDERSON EAST thinks no star is too big to fake it . . . even if they have a pretty good excuse.  He hit up Instagram last week to call out GARTH BROOKS for lip-synching at the CMAs.  Here’s what he wrote:

“I keep a lot of my opinions to myself and respect anyone making music but as a person who tries to put on the best and most honest show I can night after night . . . this truly offends me.  I was told country music is three chords and the truth.”

As you might expect, Garth’s fans jumped all over the post, so MIRANDA LAMBERT  hit up the comments section to agree with her boyfriend.  She wrote, “High five on this babe.  If you can’t sing then don’t.  It’s better to be honest than to pretend.  I think it’s [B.S.].  My favorite performances in the show were live.  The truth.”

And if you’re thinking, “Hey, this would make a great country song if only the ex-husband jumped in,” then start writing.  BLAKE SHELTON came to Garth’s defense and Tweeted, “Hey Garth Brooks.  I still love you.  #Hero.  #Respect.”

He’s not the only country star who has Garth’s back.  RANDY TRAVIS ReTweeted Blake’s post, and added “We love ya, @GarthBrooks.  #Icon.”

And BIG VINNY HICKERSON of TRAILER CHOIR posted some heartfelt words about Garth’s tireless devotion to his friends and fans, and added that Anderson East should apologize.

The irony is that Garth gave Miranda love twice at the CMAs.  During his Entertainer of the Year acceptance speech he thanked her for saying “we’re a family.”  And backstage he gave her props for performing “traditional country music.”