The Majority of Us Lie to Our Relatives to Avoid Uncomfortable Sleeping Situations During the Holidays

Are you gearing up for relatives descending on your house for the holidays?  And do you just KNOW that your uncle will have some suspicious medical excuse for why he NEEDS you to sleep on the couch so he can have your bed?

According to a new survey, the majority of Americans say they’ve told a lie or made up an excuse to a relative during the holidays to avoid an uncomfortable sleeping situation.

And 81% of us have wound up losing the battle and sleeping somewhere uncomfortable when sharing a house with our relatives.

62% have wound up on a couch . . . 44% on the floor . . . 13% in a tiny children’s bed . . . and 7% in a tent in the backyard.

The survey also found 46% of people say the WORST fights they have with their family during the holidays are over who’s sleeping where.