Charlie Daniels’ Advice to New Artists: Never Look at the Empty Seats

CHARLIE DANIELS recently released his autobiography, “Never Look at the Empty Seats”, and he didn’t call it that without reason.  It’s solid advice that he thinks every new artist should follow.

He tells “Sounds Like Nashville“, quote, “It’s about accentuating the positive because when you first start playing, you will find a lot of empty seats.  You have to be concerned with the ones that have people in them.  Go ahead and impress those people and have them come back to see you the next time and bring some other people with them.”

Here’s another piece of advice that he believes in.

“Never compare your career to somebody else.  Someone’s going to have a hit record before you.  They’re going to sell more records, [sell] more concert tickets than you.  Everybody has their own time.”

That’s actually something he’s experienced firsthand.  He was almost 30 when he moved to Nashville.  He was 43 when “Devil Went Down To Georgia” became a huge hit, and he was in his 70s when he finally joined the Grand Ole Opry.