Brad Paisley “Gets to Play the Idiot” While Co-Hosting the CMAs

BRAD PAISLEY was talking to Rolling Stone about the roles that he and CARRIE UNDERWOOD have settled into through their years as CMA co-hosts.  He said, “We have this shtick now, which we build on.

“We take on personas a little bit beyond who we really are, as a duo.  I get to play the idiot, [and] Carrie gets to be the voice of reason.”  You could also say he plays the fool, and she’s the straight man.  Whatever it’s called, it’s working.  This is their 10th year.

And it’s good that they’ve got it down because the tragedy in Vegas will make it the most challenging year ever.  Brad was asked if he’s feeling pressure about that.  He said, “There’s pressure if you don’t handle it right.

“If you deal with it wrong, there’s an enormous amount of pressure.  We’re not going to ignore it, but we’re not going to dwell.  We have to make sure we honor those we’ve lost, but we also [have to] celebrate this music, which lives on, and do a good job having the heart we need to have on that night.

“And also the theme of the show this year is very much about unity and coming together as a format.”