Miranda Lambert Names Her Three Favorite Ms

MIRANDA LAMBERT is on the cover of the November issue of “Redbook” . . . and she was asked about her three favorite “M’s”.  She gave a confusing answer that kind of sounds like she’s still smarting from her divorce.

She said, “Music and mutts . . . pretty much all I live for are those two things.  Men used to be on that list, but I cut that one out.  Just kidding.  It was the three M’s, and now it’s two.  No, it is three:  The last one is Miranda.”  (???)

Another interesting thing that came up is how uncomfortable she is with show business.  “I’m not actually a very good famous person at all.  I hate cameras.  I don’t love the spotlight.”

As for her favorite way to spend a night . . . now we’re talking. “‘Shark Tank’ and yoga pants and I’m the happiest person.  I watch ‘Tiny House Nation’ on a Friday night, and I’m like, ‘This is it.  Frozen pizza.  Woo!'”