A Driver Hits a Dead End, and Tries to Jump His Toyota Corolla Over a 20-Foot Canal

Just a quick reminder.  That fuel-efficient car you’re driving is NOT The General Lee from “Dukes of Hazzard” . . .

Some idiot was driving his Toyota Corolla near Fort Myers, Florida on Monday night, and ended up on a dead-end street with a 20-foot canal at the end of it.

And instead of turning around, he got out of his car . . . walked up to see how big the gap was . . . and decided he could MAKE it.

He got back in his Corolla . . . threw it in reverse to give himself some runway . . . then FLOORED it . . . and tried to JUMP it across the canal.

Unfortunately he didn’t make it.  He’s okay, but his car ended up in the canal and it’s totaled.  No word yet on any charges, but police think alcohol might have played a role.

The dumbest part is there was a BRIDGE to the other side of the canal just two blocks away.