Jason Aldean’s Wife Was Afraid She’d Never Get the Chance to Hold Her Baby

JASON ALDEAN’s wife Brittany has released her first statement since Sunday’s attack.  She’s four months pregnant so it’s a testament to her will that she’s even able to collect her thoughts after what she’s been through.

She started the post by thanking the fans who’ve reached out to offer support, as well as the first responders for being fearless.  And then she talked about the terrifying moments during the shooting.

She was with friends when it started and between the barrage of bullets and the fact that nobody knew how many shooters there were, she was thinking the worst.

“As we laid behind the equipment onstage with some of our road families, bullets flying past . . . all I could think of was, ‘I never even got to hold my baby.’

“We all made sure everyone knew we loved them, and then ran for cover where we stayed for the next couple of hours.”

She ended it by saying everyone “will be forever in our prayers.”