Jake Owen Crouched Behind a Cop Car During the Vegas Shooting

As you may know, JAKE OWEN was one of the performers at Sunday’s Route 91 Harvest Festival.  He did a set before JASON ALDEAN and was off to the side of the stage hanging with Luke Combs when the shooting started.

He talked about it on the Today show.  Like everyone, he wasn’t sure what he was hearing at first.  But then it became obvious. “It got faster and faster and sounded like an automatic rifle.  It was ringing off the rafters of the stage.”

That’s when he scattered. “I ran just like everyone else.  At one point I was crouched behind a cop car with 20 other people asking if everyone’s okay.

“There was blood on people.  You could see folks in the street that looked like they had been shot lying there.”

He also gave props to the first responders. “They did everything they could to get out here quickly as possible and take care of these people.  We were all scared.”