An Anonymous Couple Has Been Paying for Random People at Applebee’s

Washington, Pennsylvania is about 30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh.  And if you ever drive through there, you might want to make a pit stop at Applebee’s.  You COULD get a free meal out of it . . .

An anonymous couple has recently been paying random people’s bills.  And sometimes they do it for big GROUPS.

They usually sit at the bar . . . tell their server who they want to pay for . . . and do it two or three times a month.

One woman was there for her daughter’s birthday last week, and they covered their entire bill for 16 people.  Another woman had the same thing happen about six months ago while she was with a big group of people from her church.

A server named Samantha Powell waited on the couple last week, and says they don’t want to be identified.  But they own a business in the area.

She’s waited on them before, and says the husband just always says he grew up poor, but now he’s not.  So that’s why they do it.

An assistant manager says they’ve actually been doing it for YEARS.  They’ve just never gotten this much attention before.