Here’s Why Thomas Rhett Recorded a Chainsmokers-Inspired Song

THOMAS RHETT’s new album “Life Changes” is out today . . . and it includes a song called “Leave Right Now”, which he freely admits was inspired by The Chainsmokers.  (You know their song “Closer“.)

Well, the haters have been giving him a hard time for putting a non-country song on his album . . . so he explained why they need to chill.

“Anytime you go to a country music concert, everyone is playing hip-hop or EDM as their pre-roll.  And I got tired of my intro being way cooler than my show.  So why not make one of mine that can be my intro that’s as cool as my show?”

He didn’t set out to write a dance song.  It just happened because he and some buddies were messing around on acoustic guitars and the next thing you know they had something pretty good.

“The more I just started listening to it, I was like, ‘Why would I not want a song of mine that makes me feel incredible to be on the record?'”