Carly Pearce Had a Pivotal Career Moment While Scrubbing a Kitchen Sink

I’m pretty sure CARLY PEARCE’s future is bright, but man what a ride she’s been on up to now.  She went from being a rising star in Nashville, to losing her record deal in 2012.  She took jobs at the mall, and even cleaned Airbnb properties.

And then one day she was scrubbing a kitchen sink at one of those properties when Danielle Bradbery’s “Dance Hall” came on the radio.  It’s a song she’d co-written years ago and the idea that it was a hit for someone else literally made her cry.

It also made her determined, and she vowed to keep writing, and keep making the rounds in Music City until doors started opening again.  She tells “Billboard”, “I’ve had moments of wanting to give up, but there’s still just this constant fire in me.

“I’m a poster child for how you can get every single door slammed on you five times in a row from every single person in town, and you can be told that you’re old news and you’re past your time.

“I hope that I can start to be a light to other artists that you can do anything if you just work really hard.”

Carly’s single “Every Little Thing” is at #15 and rising on “Billboard’s” Hot Country Songs chart, and her debut album of the same name will be out October 13th