What Did Your Teachers Tell You That Turned Out to Be Totally False?

When you’re in school, you tend to take what your teachers say as absolute truth . . . then once you’re an adult, you realize, “Wait, my teachers were just screwed up adults like I am now, and I don’t know ANYTHING.”

There’s a discussion on Reddit right now where people are sharing the things they were told in school that turned out to be totally FALSE.  Here are some of the best ones . . .

1.  The bad things you do go on your “permanent record.”  Sure, maybe as a kid, but it’s not like your school record comes up once you’re older.

2.  The food pyramid.  We were told to eat a ton of bread and corn and avoid fat, when now we know that’s all backwards.

3.  You have to learn to write in cursive.

4.  You have to learn how to do math because you won’t always have a calculator.  Today, we ALL always have calculators on our phones.

5.  Go to the best college you can, because the money you make will be worth the cost.

6.  The Internet isn’t a valid source for research, you have to use books.

7.  You have to learn to say no to drugs, because strangers will want to give you free drugs.