Dierks Bentley Wants You to Visit a National Park . . . Without Your Smart Phone

DIERKS BENTLEY has been working with our national parks to remind you how great they are.  No argument here.  But his mission is to make you get off the couch and visit one.  Oh, and he wants you leave your smart phone at home.

I know, crazy, but he says you’ll enjoy it more if you stop staring at your damn screen.  Obviously, you shouldn’t be completely off the grid, so he has a solution.

“I carry a flip phone as much as possible when I [visit parks] to remind myself that there’s more to look at than just my phone.”

And he makes his kids follow the “no smart phones” rule too.  Quote, “We live in a day and age of iPhones where kids spend so much time on their screens, and I’m so worried about their exposure with being on the phone.”

Even his band is with the program.  They used to spend all day sitting on the bus, but not anymore.  Quote, “The last couple of years, we started exploring more of our surroundings and seeing that there’s so many parks near where we’re playing.”