Kelsea Ballerini Says Artists Have No Business Complaining asked KELSEA BALLERINI why she always seems to be so positive.  They wanted to know if that’s really who she is, or if it’s something she works at.  Yeah, it’s the second one.

She said”I remember when I was 15, 16, 17 and was in high school and college, trying to get into the music industry and stalking every interview that every chick artist did.

“And if I ever heard one of them complain, I’d be like, ‘You can’t complain.  You’re not allowed to.  You get to do what I want to do.’

“I don’t ever want a girl taking a chemistry class, who wants to be a singer, to read an interview that I do saying that I’m tired.  That’s not fair.”

One more thing about Kelsea:  She posted a video yesterday of her visit to a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in Kansas City.  She and a young patient sing “Yeah Boy” together . . . and it’s pretty damn awesome.