The Court Sketch Artist Says Taylor Swift Was Hard to Draw Because She’s “Very Pretty,” and the DJ Says He Could Pass a Polygraph

The Internet was pretty harsh on the courtroom sketch artist who drew TAYLOR SWIFT during last week’s butt-groping trial.  Even though his work wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the infamous Tom Brady sketch.

The guy’s name is Jeff Kandyba, and he was interviewed by a local news station in Denver . . . because it’s 2017, and literally EVERYBODY gets a crack at their 15 minutes of fame.

Jeff said it definitely isn’t as easy as it looks.  Quote, “A person like Taylor Swift, who’s very pretty . . . [and] has perfectly proportioned dimensions on the face . . . is actually much harder [to sketch] . . .

Everybody’s got little idiosyncrasies about them that you want to pick up on.  It’s hard.  Some people are just much easier to draw than others.  If you give me somebody with a beard and glasses . . . bingo . . . [I] got it.”

Meanwhile, the butt-groping former DJ, David Mueller, was interviewed on “Good Morning America” yesterday, and he insisted that he never did anything wrong.

He basically called Taylor a liar, and said, quote, “I can pass a polygraph.”

He also said that he didn’t want any money . . . despite asking for $3 million in damages . . . and that all he wanted was a note from Taylor and her camp saying that there was a misunderstanding, so he could show potential employers that he isn’t a scumbag.

He said he plans to fight back, and may file an appeal.  But “Good Morning America” points out that an appeal would probably be a very expensive undertaking for him . . . especially since his chances of winning seem to be small.