Thomas Rhett and His Wife Lauren Had a Baby Girl on Saturday

THOMAS RHETT’s wife Lauren gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday.  They named her Ada James.  They’re now a family of four, since they adopted a little girl from a Ugandan orphanage in May.

Their adopted daughter is named Willa Gray, and she’s 21 months old.

Thomas went on Instagram and tried to verbalize what it’s like to witness something as incredible as childbirth.  Quote, “It was truly the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.  My wife labored almost 36 hours.

“She is by far the strongest human being I have ever met and I have a new-found respect for moms around the world.  We are so excited that Willa Gray has a baby sister.  Thank you Lord and everyone for the prayers.”

Lauren was able to share some feelings of her own:  “We are all doing well now, just resting.  Thank y’all for your prayers.  She’s a miracle and God is so good.  Thomas and I are so in love with her.  And Willa Gray is excited to finally have a baby sister.”