Steelers Preseason starts Friday! WWE Summerslam and more

The Pittsburgh Steelers open the preseason Friday and you can hear all the action on Rocky 104.9 with pregame starting at 5pm. Kick-off is at 7pm. WVAM will have the Pittsburgh Pirates at 6:40pm. With the start of preseason a few things I have been wondering.  The first one is does Big Ben really need to play any time in the preseason?  I think you will see him in take a few snaps. But don’t be surprised if you don’t see Ben out there on the field Friday night. I could say the same for Giants QB Eli Manning. Both Eli and Ben were drafted in 2004 and both have two Superbowl Rings. Phillip Rivers who?  Also I think you wont see much of Antonio Brown or James Harrison. Even though Harrison is a beast and I sure if they would let him. He would be out there. Remember it is the preseason. Don’t get excited or concerned if they loose. It don’t count!


WWE presents Summerslam on Sunday night August 20th. If you have WWE Network then you can watch it. If you don’t did you know it is only $9.99?  Sorry I had to joke about that. I am very interested in to seeing how the Universal Title Match goes. I am reading on the Internet that we could see a Shield reunion. That’s right Deam Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. I could see this happening. With Roman stuck between WWE wanting to push him and the crowd reactions he gets. Makes sense cause when he was in the Shield. He did not get booed like he does now. But then again WWE is pushing him down our throats. Why? why not? They did it with John Cena. I don’t know why they do this. In the 90’s The Rock got booed so they left him be the Rock. Left him be a heel(bad guy) and he got over as a Face (good guy). Why? cause the fans chose him to be. Same with Steve Austin. They left him be Steve Austin and boom! He put the WWE back on the map. Summerslam is one of the original Big 4 PPV’s. (Big 5 if you count King of the Ring). One of my favorite WWE ppv’s. But also that means that Summer is winding down and that soon school will start. Soon i will post the entire card. Make my predictions and see how I did.