Lady Antebellum Wrote Their Song for the “SpongeBob” Musical Four Years Ago

LADY ANTEBELLUM has a song in the “SpongeBob SquarePants” Broadway musical called Chop To The Top”.  Obviously, they’re all looking forward to taking their kids to see it.

What’s interesting is that only one of them even had a kid when they got the job.  It was their first writing assignment after HILLARY SCOTT’s daughter Eisele was born back in 2013.

CHARLES KELLEY says, quote, “The ‘SpongeBob’ musical opportunity kind of came about randomly.  We got approached if we could write a song for it and they gave us the scene and kind of a direction.

“We wrote the song called ‘Chop To The Top’, and it was funny, [but] we didn’t hear much about it and all of sudden years later it resurfaced that it’s coming out.”  They thought the whole deal fell through, so they were delighted when it did happen.