84% of Men Think They Do Most of the Grocery Shopping

If this is even close to accurate, expect food companies to start putting way more pictures of BOOBS on their products.  (???)

A new survey by “Men’s Health” found 84% of guys in relationships think THEY do most of the grocery shopping.

The survey was only for men.  Women didn’t get to weigh in.  And a few other surveys have found the number is really more like 40 or 50%.  So 84% seems pretty high.

But a similar survey ten years ago found 65% of men thought they did most of the grocery shopping.  So the trend probably is on the rise.  Or at least more guys FEEL like it’s their responsibility now.

The survey also found 66% of men use a list when they shop.  About a third don’t.

93% have prepared at least one meal for themselves in the last year . . . and 77% also said they’ve cooked at least one meal for someone else in the last 12 months.

But 7% of guys do absolutely NO cooking.