Frankie Ballard Left a $100 Tip on a $22 Order

FRANKIE BALLARD paid it forward to a waitress in his hometown of Battle Creek, Michigan last week.  Her name is Kourtney Kipp and she works at a place called Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders.  He left a $100 tip on a $22.37 order.

She posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook, and her comments made it sound like she didn’t even have to wait on him.

Here’s what she wrote, “So tonight this guy casually walked in to pick up his order as I gawked from a distance asking myself if I’m really looking at who I think I’m looking at.

“He paid for his food and left this very generous tip.  This guy is Frankie Ballard.  The littlest things can turn somebody’s day around.  The crew truly appreciated your appearance tonight, even if some of us were a little too star struck to say so.”