Dylan Scott Got His First Record Deal Just Weeks After Graduating High School

Every young singer that moves to Nashville has one goal:  Get a record deal.  It’s the Holy Grail that they may or may not ever reach.  So that’s why DYLAN SCOTT’s story is almost unbelievable.

He got signed to his record deal just weeks after graduating high school.  Yes, high school.  To his credit, he’d been going back and forth to Music City from his home in Louisiana since he was 16, so he put in the work.  But still.

He made the permanent move at 19, and he’s 26 now and just starting to break out . . . so that shows how tough it is even after crossing that first hurdle.

And this is kind of related.  You could almost say Dylan started working on his career when he was two.  Someone asked how long he’s been singing and that was his answer.  Quote, “There’s video proof of me sitting on my dad’s lap.

“He’s playing guitar and I’m singing Chattahoochee, and ‘I like my women a little on the trashy side.'”